Kalam (களம்)


நதிநீர் இணைப்புத் திட்டம் – தேவையானதா? தேவையற்றதா?

One of the topic which is debated by all over the nation for so many years is “Interlinking of Rivers”.
But till now there is no clarity for public about its pros and cons and in the intention of bringing the awareness and sharing the knowledge on the topic ; we invite you all for

” Kalam – A public discusion ”

One side :

Most drought and water – sharing political conflicts tend to connect with the national rivers , and many acres of barren land we have been talking for a long time . Since there are still many innumerable benefits to increase the economy by facilitating the transportation of crops , hydroelectricity , and improving the economy ; they stand by the side of Interlinking all rivers.

Another side :

It took hundreds of years to create rivers for the nature which designed them. We invite nature to challenge it as we artificially succeed. That means taking millions of families to another place , destroying hundreds of villages , and changing the number of problems like climate variation and climate change.This is the stand of people who doesn’t want to Interlinking the rivers.

As public ; we really need to know the pros and cons on both sides and decide whether we need this or not. And we have the best experts to consider strong and fair ideas on this one . Expecting your participation…