INDIA – The World’s largest democracy and the country with rich values and cultures to be proud of. Through immense toiling, blood-shedding and unselfish sacrifices of our forefathers,we have moved from the stature of a British colony to an Independent democratic nation. It’s August – the month when the dream came true in 1947. In remembrance and taking the footsteps of our heroes, we celebrated the independence month on road FOR THE SOCIETY in 2015.

A grand social event on Road Safety Awareness was conducted at 100 signals in Chennai on August 9th ,Sunday between 4:30PM and 6:30PM in continuation to the success of awareness campaigns held last year at 100 signals and bring into play the traffic rules to achieve the vision of ACCIDENT FREE NATION.

The second edition of mega campaign was inaugurated by Tmt. Letika Saran IPS, Director General of Police (Retd.) and Mr. Anwar Basha, Assistant commissioner of police-traffic. This time there were more number of participants and We have distributed nearly 1 Lac pamphlets and pasted over 50 thousand head light stickers which speaks the number of people we reached on that day. More than 2500 new volunteers took part in the campaign and took oath to follow traffic rules throughout their life.