About Us

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About Us

“Creating a transformation in a common man, and moulding him a social responsible citizen, who later transforms into a dedicated Leader in a society and ensuring to build prosperous India in all means.”

Started in 2006

Officially registered during 2007 – Reg No. 1931/2007

Started with the vision of creating the youngsters as socially responsible individuals and future leaders. Also to teach, educate & groom the students to bring goodwill to the society, which means indirectly every individual home will also get benefitted by their actions.

 Our Passion

“The society will primarily work for the welfare of orphans, destitute children, and widows.”

There is no bar to provide help to other sections of society. To grant financial aid or interest free loans to orphans, widows and poor children, old and infirm persons by way of maintenance, scholarship, books, uniforms, medical aid, clothes, food grains, medicines etc. or in such form as the society may decide. The executive have decided that the society will initially concentrate on proving help to widows and their children who have been left to fend to themselves due to unfortunate death of their husband and bread winner. Latter on we propose to undertake other activities such as providing help to their children to pursue their education, making them financially independent and general counselling. The members of the society according to our constitutions are all working in an honorary capacity and cannot draw any salary or honorarium. The members of the executive committee spend money from their own pocket for meeting even petty expenditure on travelling and petrol, tea etc.


A strong group of youth. Some of them are giving help to orphans, destitute children, and widows. This is the main inspiration in establishing this society as THOZHAN (means a new beginning); felt that with the active assistance of other like minded people they could serve the community more effectively. The other members are equally dedicated to this cause.

We Focus

We are the trust based on the Golden Rule

“Treat others as you would like to be treated”

During the past several years of THOZHAN in various parts of India, THOZHAN has come across many numbers of friends who are sincerely concerned about the poor people around us. They want to reach out to the poor, but do not have the time as they have to fulfil responsibilities towards a job and a family. THOZHAN aims to close this gap by collecting resources both in cash and kind from around the world and distributing it to the really deserving people.The vision and mission of “THOZHAN” are multifaceted.

Educational Assistance

Providing school uniform, books, fees, tuition to children of poor families. Scholarship for nursing, ITI and other vocational higher studies. Establishing nursery schools to provide primary education.

Medical Assistance& Donating Blood

Providing monthly medical supplies (insulin, dionil etc) to patients below the poverty line. Conducting free medical camps/ establishing free clinics and Providing free ambulance facilities for the poor. Whenever you hear from someone who needs blood; and if the person in need happens to be in your location or near by, we are ready to help them by providing your blood.

Service Assistance

Helping repairing thatched huts/roofs, House building aid Provide free food at orphanages, old age homes, hospitals etc. Provide financial assistance to individuals and small organizations engaged in charitable work. Conduct awareness campaigns for blood and organ donations. Neighbourhood cleanliness drives (hospital compounds etc ) Construct toilets and waiting sheds near hospitals and public places. Establish counselling and guidance bureaus Provide food and clothing to those suffering from natural calamities.

Job Assistance

Job oriented training in tailoring, candle making and small scale jobs. Provide assistance for small scale poultry, sheep raising etc.


Adopt and provide shelter to children from poor families. Orphanage for the blind, deaf, dumb and mentally retarded children.Old age homes, Handicapped care home, Children welfare schemes.

Legal Assistance& Visiting Ministry

Provide free legal aid to the poor and oppressed. THOZHAN promise that whatever contribution you make little or bigger, will be handled with utmost respect to your intention. Hospital visits and assistance, Jail visits and assistance, Tribal areas visit and assistance.

Monthly meet

Thozhan Office, Duration: 2 hours, Occurs: 1st Sunday Every month

Purpose of Monthly Meet

  • Deciding on next month activities.
  • Discussing on previous month success and correcting the faults.
  • Taking leadership on coming month activities and looking forward to built a team.

Active Supporters

Leading corporates (TCS, CTS and wipro) actively supporting the TAC & all other activities of Thozhan and ‘Sudesi mithran’, to motivate young writers to write on social concerned problems & solutions.

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