A group of 4 friends who since 2005 started spending time in orphanages and senior citizen’s homes during weekends helping the needy, decided to form a group named Thozhan (means Friend) and registered it in 2007. Later the group grew up in number and many friends joined hands with them, involving themselves in various social activities like. Anbu Illam (Visiting orphanages)

  1. Arranging blood requirements
  2. Beach clean-up
  3. Kalam
  4. Naiyapudai
  5. Organ donation awareness
  6. Plastic awareness campaign
  7. Speech workshop
  8. Traffic awareness camp
  9. Tree plantation
  10. with the view of the betterment of our society.

Presently we have restricted our works in blood donation, beach clean-up and tree plantation as many of the fellow NGOs are exclusively involved in it and we are supporting u0026amp; guiding them.


To make people socially aware, provide opportunities for each to bring about equal social justice to an integrated, balanced and progressive society


To bring multifaceted awareness, ability to analyse, comprehensive knowledge, provide opportunities, make a man socially aware, dissolve the differences to hold hands and to prosper by sharing