Have you ever come across any newspaper or TV news or social media without seeing accident news? They may seem like just news to us, but to the victim’s family, it’s a shock and a loss which words can’t describe.

Traffic Awareness Campaign was initiated when one of our friends had witnessed a gruesome accident in OMR, in which a college student had passed away on the spot. And the team of four started an awareness camp with the aim of transforming our country into an Accident-Free Nation.

The first camp was held in 2013 at the T.Nagar signal, Chennai, where our volunteers held awareness placards, voiced for reminding commuters to wear helmets, seatbelts and follow traffic rules. Day by day our awareness started to reach not only the public but also the Chennai City Traffic Police. Our team has been recognized several times for our achievements by traffic department. Also, many from the common public has joined hands with us during the camps and continue to contribute to the awareness.

Co-ordinator : Mr.RadhaKrishnan

Contact             : 9941142188

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