Traffic Awareness Campaigns

Happens: T Nagar and Thiruvaanmaiyur, Duration: 2 hours, Occurs: 3rd and 4th Sunday Every month

Our Activities
  • Place our banners near signal, which is written and Designed in order to obey Traffic Rules, in prior permission with Police.
  • Preparing Ourselves in Masking or Face colouring, Getting ready with Pamphlets, Placards and Stickers.
  • Welcome Speech, with Mozhli Vaalthu, by the Leader who leads the Program on that Day.
  • Splitting out into teams lead by someone among us, and taking care of a particular signal.
  • Insisting People around us, to follow Traffic Rules, like asking them to were helmet, seat belt, making them to stop before the STOP Line and walk in the Zebra crossing.
  • Assemble again for the taught sharing, and finishing with National Anthem.
  • Removing the displays, banners and return to regular duties.