Anbu Illam

Anbu Illam

When one thinks of doing something to the society, the first thing strikes them is helping the needy. So they go to any orphanage home, donate clothes, groceries or food which is a normal thing and no one knows whether they will go again and donate. Almost all the orphanages located inside the city meets its requirement without much struggle but the ones located in the outskirts of the city never gets any attention and struggle to meet even the basic needs. Even if they get they have to keep on looking for next donor. So after a survey, our team has initiated the project Shut Down Homes. We help homes by aiding them to meet their requirements such as daily groceries, education, medicines and clothes annually through sponsors who vouch to provide the items they can donate throughout the year and we make sure it reaches them by creating a bond between the donors and the home.

A board quoting “Visitors can spend their time and share affection to these children” will be placed once all the requirements of the home for a year have been met and the donors can donate to any other needy orphanage. Presently we are working on transforming Vallalar Gurukulam home in Puzhal, Chennai as a model home. Apart from these, we also cater to the educational needs of the economically backward and underprivileged students.

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