Special TAC

Special TAC

TAC with Police Department

We conducted a special TAC with the police department where all the police officers from the station have participated, took pledge, interacted with the public and created awareness about the following the importance of road safety.

Road Safety Week

Every year on the occasion of road safety week, we do TAC in important signals and public places with cosplay such as Yama, superheroes, accident victim, etc.

Summer camp

During the summer holidays, we engage school students on TAC every day for a whole month on important traffic signals in city. Started by us in the year 2017 in Anna Nagar, it is one of the model signal where there were no accidents on the month where the campaign was held. Campaign like this has never happened anywhere in the world and our team was honored by the Greater Chennai Traffic Police for this initiative as it was one of the best way to make the students understand about road safety and making them as responsible citizens.

Spinal cord Injury Day

On September 5th every year, we join with our spinal cord injured friends and do a campaign on important traffic signals on the occasion of World Spinal cord Injured Day. One of a kind campaign which never happened anywhere in India till date.

Christmas TAC

Every year on the weekend before Christmas, our volunteers will cosplay as “Santa Claus” and do the TAC to get attention of people to create awareness on road safety and celebrate it on public.

New Year TAC

Every year on 31st December night from 10 PM we will do awareness campaign in important traffic signals, public places and beaches where the New Year celebrations happen. We team up with Traffic Police and make sure no accidents happen especially due to drunk and driving & rash driving. We could see rapid change in reduction of accidents at least on the place we do campaigns.