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Thozhan – This time with much bigger picture – Saving Lives.

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“Yesterday, there was an accident. It was a blood river all over. The guy was unconscious. I wanted to do something. But what will I do? What can I do?”

“What First Aid can I give?”

“What if police file any case against me?”
“What if I get any problems?”
“What if something happens, if I give first aid wrong?”

So many ‘What Ifs‘ in our mind. It’s time to get answers and implement solutions.

Let us learn what to do in face of a death or life situation and help others in learning what needs to be done.

Yes, we are going to educate the common public to understand the steps to implement during road accidents.

We are going to conduct a MASS AWARENESS PROGRAM on Good Samaritan Law and train people in performing FIRST AID IN 71 PARKS OF CHENNAI. To achieve this, our energetic and fun loving volunteers are contributing their time and efforts.

Action plan:

  • List of potential parks were collected.
  • Finalizing 71 parks among the list.
  • Permission will be requested from Chennai Corporation after the list has been shortlisted.
  • The complete list of shortlisted parks will be circulated then.

Meanwhile, we have divided our CHENNAI INTO 25 ZONES to actively spread the information across the city. And we need your support to make this event dream into a reality.

Please let us know in what ways could you contribute and add value to our event!

It’s not just an event, it’s a journey for the PAST 10 YEARS. LET’S “BE THE CHANGE
A single spark of fire could light up a whole forest. Let’s be that single spark of fire and light up our lives as well as the lives around us.

Content Credits: Beulah.