Our country faces various problems every day and we people worry and yet choose to walk past them. We will be able to overcome any problem with healthy discussions and subsequent activities and we see thousands of discussions on social media every day which remain as an argument and words, but have we reached the solution?
The answer is a big NO.
These discussions are endless and spin individual attacks, thus diverting the track of any argument which itself is the biggest failure. Hence to change this scenario we organized Kalam.

Kalam is a debate cum discussion event to make people aware of the controversial topics, by the field experts. Doing so educates people about the discussed topic, enables them to differentiate between verified facts and fake information and make informed decisions.

This event comprises discussions of various social issues, upcoming government plans and current projects which are already implemented, where the speakers’ panel will have both supporters and opposers who are experts in that field and they convey their side of information regarding the issue.
The purpose of the event is to make people aware of the pros and cons of that discussed issue and decide whether or not to support or oppose the same.

Co-ordinator  : Mr.Sabarinathan

Contact             : 9003171902

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Kalam 2 Video link:
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Kalam 3 Video link:
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