100 Signal TAC 2014

We, Thozhan, was conducting Traffic Awareness Campaigns every week in Chennai in various signals for last 18 months. In the Campaign, our volunteers make sure that all the vehicles follow road rules, by ensuring everyone stops before the stopline, obeys signal, wears helmet and such, by requesting / advising the Public to follow the rules. We also distribute notices that emphasizes the importance of Traffic rules and the consequences of not following them. We strongly believe we definitely would have touched the hearts of the individual motorists, made them realize the importance of Traffic Safety and henceforth brought in a positive change in their minds.

To commemorate our 68th Independence day, on 10th of August, 2014, we are going to conduct the Traffic Awareness Campaigns at 100signals in Chennai. We believe it is a unique event in the History of India and hence we would like to apply for Limca Book of Records for the same, under `Government` Category.

You can download the report here – Aug14 100Sig