Foot Board Awareness 2016










Foot board travelling has been an important issue in Chennai city and it is one of a major cause for road accidents which endangers the lives of many people. More than 60% of foot board travellers’ are students (College/School) and more importantly, 90% of accidental deaths due to foot boarding are between the ages of 16 to 24.

On account of 67th Republic day, a massive Public awareness campaign on Foot board travelling was held across Chennai city at 67 bus stops, on 29th January 2016 (29-01-2016) between 7.00 AM and 8.45 AM.

Around 500 Youngsters participated and spent their 2 hours for the Nation, by creating Foot board and Road Safety Awareness. Very Happy to see youngsters stepping into the Ground to see the Change and be the Change, rather than just pinning the National Flag in their dress and Celebrating .

Media Coverage on the Event:


Below are the groups who is participating in the event :

Shasha Foundation Crescent BLOOD Donors
Kaithemillath college Friends Foundation
Jagadeesh Academy of ARTS Thuvakkam
Bhumi Lok Satta Party
AWARE Care and Welfare Foundation
Chennai Social Service Lit the Light
Ilaignan NalVidhaigal
Youth for seva
Ilam Siragugal
Provoke Foundation Sirpam
Chellammal College OMR friends
Nin Society TCS
Annai Veilankanni College CTS

Individually, we are drops! Together, we are an ocean!!

Our report pdf file can be downloaded here – Step_up_2_Stay_up report