History of Projects

Tree plantation – 2010

  • Started at Padur, where one tree is planted every day (i.e., 365 Trees a year).
  • Initated in 2010.
  • Also initiated in many places across Chennai. Currently supporting NGO’s who are working on environmental issues.

Plastic awareness campaign – 2011

  • This was organised to Create Awareness among people about the illness of plastics.
  • We Educate, appreciate & recognize them for not using plastics. We did full swing Campaigns around MGR Nagar & Kelambakkam.

Environmental cleanup – 2011

  • We started ‘Theruvin Sutham Desathin Perumai’ in 2011.
  • We took responsibiliy for cleaning up the Akkarai Beach in ECR during 2015 and 2016 Massive Chennai coastal cleanup.

Organ donation

  • We have 860+ registered donors. Special ID cards are given to registered people.
  • Till now, 4 pairs of eyes & 1 organ donation was successfully implemented.
  • Every year, Organ donated families are recognized.

Awareness Program

  1. Periodical Seminars are being conducted in Colleges, Schools, Corporates & other organisations from 2013. It helps to create Student cops in schools & Student Brigades from colleges. It also improves their self confidence to train, educate and give awareness to the general public.
  2. First aid session was conducted along with “Alert” team in 2013.
  3. 66 KM Torch Run was conducted in Jan 2015. 66 individuals participated in the run (One person/km) and 150+ volunteers cheered them at various junctions throughout the run.
  4. 67 KM Footboard awareness was conducted in Jan 2016. This was organised around 67 Bus Stops (Depot & Bus stand) across Chennai.
  5. It helps to create student cops in schools & Student Brigades from colleges.
  6. It also improves their Self confidence to train, educate and give awareness to the general public.