For the people who are born as differently abled, whose organs failed due to ageing, who have lost their organs due to accidents, the improvement in the medical research and technology fields  have helped them a lot and cured too. Organ transplant has become a great relief and saved lives of people who lost hope and bed ridden or in the brink of death. Organ donation has also paved way for this development too. There was always a demand for organs and with the number of people who are not aware of organ donation are too high and there are some superstitious religious beliefs also stops people from donating their organs after their death. To make people aware of the real scenario and to debunk the myths, Various awareness camps have been held continuously to make people aware of the importance of organ donation in schools, colleges, public places, etc.

So far 865 members have registered themselves as organ donors

5 pairs of eyes, 2 bodies were donated through us.

If you want to become a organ donor, contact the given number.

Co-ordinator : Mr.RadhaKrishnan

Contact            : 9941142188