Each and everyone in this world loves festivals and especially New Year which is celebrated by all the people irrespective of age, gender and religion. The celebration will be usually partying in clubs, gathering in beaches, resorts, hotels and so on.  We know how crowded will be our city on New Year eve, most of the people would be driving recklessly shouting  Happy New Year and racing on the road and even there will be drunken drivers plying on the road making that night a very dangerous one for their life and also for the public. And on  the next day news you can see the number of accidents happened in the last night and how many people are injured due to drunk and driving, etc.

To change these scenario and make the New Year a really a happy one , we decided to celebrate it On Road with the public by creating awareness on 31st December every year starting from 2014. We choose important places in Chennai, gather there and make people aware of dangers involved in rash and drunk u0026amp; driving. Many of them really listen to us and take resolution that they will obey traffic rules throughout their lifer and teach the same to their friends and relatives. And at around 2 PM we celebrate the New Year with Public and Chennai City Traffic Police by cutting cakes and distributing sweets along with road safety guidelines pamphlets. The day will be an unforgettable one for both the public and the friends who joined us there on spot. As a result, the next day morning we see very less accidents compared to previous year and year by year the accident rate is decreasing and definitely we would say that it is also because of the work done by our warriors.