Summer Camp TAC

When children will be usually engaged in arts, dance and cookery classes during summer holidays, a set of school students approached us and told that we are interested to do something useful for the society. Then we planned and organized a month long Traffic Awareness Campaign for them. Starting from 12th April 2018 where the students assembled at Anna Arch signal, Chennai daily from 4.30 PM to  6.30 PM and spread the road safety message to the public through their own style. They gave chocolates, flowers and appreciated those who were obeying traffic rules. Public were stunned to see young lads doing these kind of work where the same age children will be out playing and enjoying their holidays.

     We also had MIME, street play and cosplay at the signal which was a super attraction to get the public  attention. The idea of cosplaying as Super man, Bat man and Spider man was a huge talk across the country as it got the attention of national media. The entire campaign was a great success at the and of one month (12th May 2018) as almost all the commuters passing that area was following traffic rules and there was not even a single accident on the area, we saw a tremendous change in the mentality of the public and till now it continues. Thozhan team and the students were felicitated by Joint Commissioner, South Chennai(Traffic Department) at the last day of campaign.